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Welcome! As a passionate software engineer and a graduate of Data Analytics from Chapman University, this site serves as a testament to my commitment to technology and innovative problem-solving. Here, you'll find a portfolio demonstrating my ability to create unique solutions and apply cutting-edge techniques within the software engineering field. Explore my work and discover how I'm primed to make impactful contributions to the tech industry.
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Full Stack Developer

As a Chapman University's Fowler School of Engineering graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Data Analytics, I have an earnest passion for technology and a robust proficiency in diverse programming languages like Python, Java, C++, C#, SQL, R, Swift, HTML, and CSS. This solid foundation directed me to the dynamic field of software engineering, where I have harnessed my skills to create several innovative projects. These include a mental health iOS application, a 2D arcade game, and a sentiment analysis tool for Twitter hashtags. Moreover, my personal interests in gaming, weightlifting, baseball, and water sports not only showcase my versatility but also echo my commitment and adaptability. I am convinced that my blend of technical prowess, creative problem-solving skills, and diverse interests equip me to excel in any software engineering role.

My Skills


Many of my favorite projects are built using python


A few of my projects have been built using java


PostgreSQL and MySQL are close in favorites for me


Simplistic to work with, one project as of now


I perfer Tailwind CSS for the ease of development


Still learning more, but proficient as of now

Completed Projects


Crypto Token Checker

Panther Buddy

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Space Invaders

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